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Blog Action Day: More interesting posts

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I am not getting much else done today, but I have to say that my understanding of poverty and my vision of what can be done has been increasing. Here is another roundup of the most interesting blog posts I have read related to Blog Action Day 2008.

Out of poverty with dignity: Sounds like another great plan to me!

Donate your piracy savings to reduce poverty: An absolutely brilliant idea! You know you download. Don’t deny it.

How to make yourself happier during the economic crisis: The title might seem to go against the entire idea of Blog Action Day, but do read it; you might be pleasantly surprised.

Eradicating poverty through human ingenuity: A great post about what poverty is, how it is affecting individuals around the world as well as how we can help eradicate it.

Madagascar: No, not the animated movie, but the actual country. A personal account of poverty in Madagascar.

More to come… Posts are popping up by the minute!

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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