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Blog Review: ‘Kitchen JS’ by Khadija

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Name: Khadija
Blog Reviewed: Kitchen JS
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2016 05 07 Blog Review Kitchen JSBlogging for almost a year now, Khadija explains how “Kitchen JS is a place where [she] share[s] easy everyday meals and favorite classics made healthy and simplified.”  This niche blog is clean and minimalist—just grey on white—and easy to navigate thanks to a simple yet well thought out menu bar at the tope of each page.  There aren’t any sub-categories under the “Lifestyle” tab.  But as this seems like an emerging category, with only four posts to date, it wouldn’t make sense to add a layer of sub-category yet.

Under the “Recipe” tab however is where we can find four well-populated categories: “Breakfast”, “Savoury”, “Dessert”, and “Drinks”.  In each of them can be found beautiful pictures of the final product, a description of why Khadija likes the recipe and other fun, sometimes tongue-in-cheek tidbits of information.  Her recipes are easy to follow—you know how sometimes, big words make their way into a recipe that scare off anyone who uses their kitchen as a magazine showpiece?  I have yet to see any of those in Khadija’s recipes.

While she told me her favorite post is the recipe for Banana Oats Muffins with no flour and no sugar, I am much more taken with the Spicy Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa.  My determination to try this recipe is all the stronger that it looks like something I would love to eat but could only until now think about as something I’d have at a speciality taco place like the ones my friends Mona and Sara introduced me to in Dallas.  But if I can bring a taste of that home…

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First published on Sahar’s Blog on 7 May 2016


5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

3 thoughts on “Blog Review: ‘Kitchen JS’ by Khadija

  1. I love discovering niche bloggers, especially when it comes to food! It’s great to find recipes and inspiration online rather than always buying recipe books!

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