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Blog Review Round-Up: Because Candy Helps With Finals

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School is a wonderful opportunity that has been offered to many a young person here in North America.  I never took it for granted, but April was definitely the one month of the year that I wouldn’t practice conscious gratitude about this opportunity.

The only thing I practiced in April while in college was College Finals Survival.

This is usually when my healthy lifestyle went out of the window, and candy in its many forms took over.  Now you might have noticed that I use the past tense—yes, I have graduated!  But I know that many of my dear readers have not and this post is therefore written with you in mind.

I don’t really want to encourage the consumption of candy—it was really not the smartest thing I’ve done.  So I’ll focus on another type of candy that helped me: pretty pictures, mostly those I would find on fashion blogs.

So for your survival pleasure, I would like to offer you three with eye-candy worthy pictures that just might give you that little extra boost you need to get through this month.  You can do it!

ADIMAY, by Aditi

Aditi’s website was the leader of this round-up even when it was only a faint glimmer in my mind.  Her shots are both glorious and gorgeous, and I have found myself revisiting them a number of time—because like actual candy, just one or once is never enough with ADIMAY.

A Wanderlust Dossier, by Nathalie

Just like the name of the blog implies, Nathalie keeps taking readers to various places around the world.  What makes for a great escape are the pictures that accompany her posts; within minutes, you can be thousands of miles away for a quick reminder that there is, indeed, a life beyond college.

Class Meets Couture, by Cat

I said it once, I will say it again: Cat’s picture heavy blog is a delight to the eyes both with regards to style as well as content.  There is a big difference between style and fashion; Cat seemingly effortlessly combines them both and enhances them with great photography skills.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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