When A Blogger Can’t Blog: Failure to Launch

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One of the features I decided to launch this year is part of an overarching, Sunday-Start-Your-Week-Well theme.  The Book Recommendation feature is meant to help make commuting easier; a new sharing easy, yummy, and healthy recipes feature (to be launched next Sunday) is meant to help make the week more delicious and healthier; a finally, a feature on the use of planners was meant to help plan the week more efficiently.

The Book Recommendation feature has been ongoing for a few months and, seeing that reading is pretty much like breathing for me, was very easy to launch.  Since I love cooking and baking, the idea of having a recipe-centered feature was natural and fit in well with my constant search for new, healthy, and easy recipes.

It surprises me that the third feature is so hard to launch.  I started using planners when I was a pre-teen to organize my days.  I didn’t have that much to do of course, but there was something about writing out my chores and my homework that made my week seem so much fuller than it had actually been.  I still use planners all the time, sprucing them up with washi tape, markers, sticky notes–you name it, I’ve used it.  My days cannot start without me consulting my planners–yes, plural.

They say to write about your passions, and planning/planners is one of mine–and yet, here I am, another Sunday gone by with nothing more to say about planners other than I love them but I don’t know what to write about them.

Here is hoping to a better Sunday next week…

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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