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Music Review: Aradia – ‘Citizen of Earth’

Seattle’s electronic/pop artist Aradia released last October her album Citizen of Earth, a collection of electronic music, a good portion of which is reminiscent of the style preponderant in the 1990s while remaining quite diverse. Driven by the “do it yourself” spirit, she writes her music, records it herself, designs her costumes, and provides her… Read More Music Review: Aradia – ‘Citizen of Earth’

Dance, Music Review, Pop

Music Review: Anne Simone – ‘Bittersweet’

There are many reasons for giving new artists a try. Anne Simone piqued my interest because of the following words she wrote: “I am a citizen of the world./I tread gently on this earth./My glass is always half full./I celebrate differences./I believe music soothes the soul./I aspire to be the change I want to see.”… Read More Music Review: Anne Simone – ‘Bittersweet’