Caring for others

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Someone once asked me: why do you talk about the Bahá’í Faith so much?

I asked this person if they were a healthcare professional. They said no.

“When someone tells you about feeling sick, what do you say?”

“I suggest to them things that I know will make them feel better.”

“Why? If you are not a healthcare professional, then it’s not your responsibility.”

“No – but I care about them, and want to share with them something that can potentially make them feel better.”

“You just answered your question.”

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

4 thoughts on “Caring for others

  1. Thanks for this – I undersign, and shared it with friends.
    Another analogy that occurs to me is if you have a very urgent message to give someone – a potentially life-changing bit of information. You wouldn’t not give that message, or even delay it. You’d give it urgently, even interrupting the person perhaps!

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