Chronicles of a Twisted ankle (and mind, perhaps)

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Unfortunately, today’s issue of the Chronicles of a Twisted Ankle isn’t too cheerful. Perhaps it’s the darkening days, the gloomy day or the fact that by the time I got home, I was soaked; but perhaps it has to do with the fact that every nice thing people have done for me since I got these crutches seem to pale compared to what happened to me today.

I had to take public transportation today, and although I was dreading it, I convinced myself to get out of the house and not cancel by remembering all the help I had received throughout the last couple of days.

Big mistake: there had been no rain and not as many dark clouds in the last couple of days.

First problem: going down some exterior wooden steps. I squeezed to the far left so as not to be in anyone’s way. There was enough space for three people with crutches, and yet someone HAD to walk right by me and hit my crutch with his briefcase, hard enough for it to slip. And yes, I almost fell again. Did he stop to see if I was OK? No.


Then I get on the bus, and no one in the seats close to the door got up, although I dropped one crutch (hey, I’m a klutz) and it was loud enough that almost everyone looked up.


Then I get to the metro, and no one bothered helping me with the door – and it’s morning, so there are a lot of people. Instead, everyone decides to ignore me and just head for the other two doors.

What the?

I refuse to go on, because I want to be a promoter of positivity. And the reason why I mentioned all of the above is because I wanted to make a point: we all need to be more aware and more considerate. If everyone (myself pre-crutches included) was more aware of how tough using crutches are, or how hard it is to have children, or how even a painful wrist can make standing in the bus hard, or how many can be having a bad day – well, maybe that would help us be more considerate.

My mantra for tonight: There are more good people out there than bad people; tomorrow will be a better day.

Now stare at the pretty picture of the sun and smile and if you see someone with crutches, please do slow down to take the time to open the door for them!

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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