Economic Crisis and what-nots: the real deal

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I have been struggling to understand where the current economic crisis has come from, what are its causes and how can we help get out of it. And guess what? I have yet to totally grasp what is going on. All the economic theories, arguments, discussions, books, articles and blogs are giving me headaches (thankfully, what with the ankle and all, I’m already high on anti-inflamatories and can’t feel them too much).

But there is one thing that I have realised, something that I doubt anyone can deny: the root cause of this crisis is human greed. If everyone was willing to share, no one would be in need of anything. The fact remains that we have enough of everything to go around; it’s the distribution system that is sorely lacking. The numerous complex obstacles to a just distribution are all born out of greed, to protect the interest of the few.

So if we want to help, we need to ask ourselves: how do we combat greed? We need to understand greed, understand where it comes from and why it exists in the first place.

More on that… Eventually. Give a girl a chance, already.

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