Human Rights in Iran: The Baha’is under fire (again and always)

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The recent elections in Iran and its aftermath have underlied the continuous and often blatant human rights violation that exists in that country. It is most unfortunate that the rest of the world associates this disregard for basic human rights with the Islamic Republic of Iran because Islam, just like any other major religion in the world, is meant to bring people together in peace and harmony.

Unfortunately, peace and harmony seem to be out of reach these days, as unrest continues in Iran. Amidst the general outcry over the less-than-rigorous electoral process, there are those who are taking advantage of what is going on to push forward other negative agendas, such as the Baha’i agenda.

Check it out:

Distribution of an Anti-Baha’i Proclamation (July 3rd, 2009)

The reliable outlet Peyke Iran reported on Friday, July 3, 2009, that certain unknown individuals have widely disseminated a proclamation in Marvdasht, a district in Shiraz, warning people against business dealings with the Baha’is.  In this proclamation, they have cited high religious authorities who have issued rulings against such dealings and interactions with the Baha’is. (…)

The first is a letter to Grand Ayatollahs inquiring about the Baha’is and dealing with them:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful!

Peace be upon the blessed threshold of the sources of emulation of the Islamic world!

Respectfully it is submitted:  the wayward sect of the Baha’i has been active in one of the districts in the vicinity of Shiraz and, regrettably, some Muslims, because of being ill-informed, have associated and consort with them on a regular basis.  As such, we beseech your distinguished selves to offer an opinion on the following questions so that the public is informed:

We cherish the hope that all enemies of the Sacred Household of Muhammad (Peace be upon them), particularly those harboring enmity towards the Hidden Imam, are uprooted.

1.  What is the ruling in regard to wedlock of a Muslim with a Baha’i (namely, for a Baha’i woman with a Muslim man, and for a Muslim woman with a Baha’i man)?

2.  What is the ruling about business transactions or dealings with Baha’is?

3.  What is the opinion of your distinguished selves regarding shaking hands and kissing Baha’is?

4.  What is the ruling about eating food prepared at a Baha’i home or by a Baha’i hand?

5.  What is the ruling for eating out of a plate or drinking from a glass used earlier by a Baha’i?

6.  What is the ruling for attending celebrations or weddings of Baha’is, or attending commemorative services by Baha’is because they were known to [Muslim] attendees?

7.  Working (such as in building construction, etc) by a Baha’i for a Muslim, and for a Muslim to be employed by a Baha’i?

8.  Are the Baha’is considered infidels and najis [lit. defiled, in Shi’te jurisprudence it designates unclean or untouchable]?

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