Less appreciated Michael Jackson music

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One good thing I hope Michael Jackson’s passing will result in is that less hardcore fans will rediscover some of his music – not the massive hits that everyone knows, but rather the other songs that didn’t get enough credit.

More specifically, I’m thinking about two songs that were on the ‘Invincible’ album.

The first one is the song ‘Whatever Happens’, which was a song he performed with Carlos Santana.

Then there is this one, a beautiful song that makes me cry almost every single time I listen to it (and obviously it made me cry today). It was written for all the lost children in the world, wishing them home safe and sound. While an official video clip was never produced, someone put together a collage of pictures of missing children, which makes the video all the more poignant. Someone else also created a video putting this song to the video clip of Michael Jackson’s song ‘Childhood’ and I found it beautiful, too… So I put them both up.

Warning: before playing this song, I suggest having a box of Kleenex’ around. Or two.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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