Michael Jackson’s passing: some thoughts sent to Sahar’s Blog

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Some Sahar’s Blog readers have already sent me emails about Michael Jackson’s passing, which I have been given permission to share (I corrected a couple of your grammatical mistakes and took out the swear words, sorry guys!):

“I was in high school when Thriller came out, and one of my favorite MJ related memories is doing the routine almost every day in school with my friends. Our principal, who also loved the song, put it on the loudspeakers one Friday morning, and just like that, everyone was doing the routine in the hall. I’m pretty sure everyone attending my school that year is remembering that today.”

“I find it insulting that he is only being remembered as only a performer; doesn’t anyone care about all the causes he was involved in? It’s like they only remember the music and the weird stuff. Stupid.”

“I’m more in shock at the horrid things some people are writing in various forums about Michael than the actual death – come on, people! What the heck is wrong with you?”

“I was looking forward to going to the concert in London; I hadn’t seen Michael perform live since 1993 – I’m absolutely devastated by his passing.”

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