Montreal, lair of North America’s newest superheroes: Les Justiciers Masqués

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Montreal is the host of the internationally known Just for Laughs festival. What a lot of people from around the world don’t know is that Montreal is also host to many insane people with fun senses of humor who pull of the most fun and as well as the funniest of pranks, including Les Justiciers Masqués (loosely translated: the Masked Avengers).

Les Justiciers Masqués are radio show hosts who have pulled many pranks in the past (pranking the likes of Nicolas Sarkozy (oh, the irony), Tiger Woods, Bill Gates and Britney Spears), but this latest one is probably the one that will boost their popularity like nothing else has managed to do before. As of November 2nd, at 10AM, there are over 2’300 news articles around the world about the prank.

Somehow, they managed to get their hands on Sarah Palin’s phone number – or the phone number of her campaign offices – and pretended to be Nicolas Sarkozy calling her to lend his support before the big day.

Funny moments include the initial caller’s name (Frank l’Ouvrier, which translates into Frank the Worker), the name of Nicolas Sarkozy’s special advisor (Johnny Hallyday, a French pop star and icon), a reference to the Canadian Prime Minister as ‘Steph Carse’, and the title of a song by Cecilia Bruni (Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife) ‘du rouge à lèvre sur une cochonne’ (which translates into lipstick on a pig).

While Sarah Palin claims to have been mildly amused by the prank, the end of the phone call, quite abrupt, leads me to believe otherwise – she seemed anything but amused. It’s probably because of the stress of the elections; so, hopefully she will be able to listen to the entire conversation again after they are over and have a good laugh at what is a great prank.

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