Music as a ladder to man’s nobility

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I love music. I really do. I don’t play any instrument, and I definitely do not sing, but there is always music in my head and, when appropriate, on my laptop. I have so many songs that I purchased a pretty big external hard drive just for my music. I have hours upon hours of music that I go through at least once a month without ever (or almost never) pushing the ‘next’ button on my player.

But lately, as I have been delving more and more into the topic of transforming indivudals and neighborhoods, I find myself discontent with many, if not most of the music that I have. I can’t stand the sappy, superficial ballads about love anymore; they seem to make light of something much deeper than a mere physical and emotional relationship. Don’t get me started on the rap songs; even those with social messages are starting to get to me, since they all seem to weave swear words in their lyrics. My tolerance for angry rock songs is also abating; what’s the point of stroking my anger against all the social injustices to the point that I can’t think straight anymore?

All in all, most of the music available to us is hardly conducive to inspiring the inner nobility within each and everyone of us to come out.

Which is why I went on a search for inspirational music. While I love gospel songs, I wanted something other than the typical ‘inspirational’ music that seems to be out there. I might not like the lyrics, but I love good hip hop beats, and my foot always taps in rhythm with good rock beats.

Remember the series of posts on Putting the Humanity back into the Arts? Well, consider this the next stage: using arts to promote the inner human nobility. I turned back to my friend, MJ, and was delighted to find out she was part of the Fair Gardens initiative, which is: “a not-for-profit, grassroots organization that supports the development of the appreciation, explorations and utilization of the arts as essential aspects of spiritual empowerment and community building”.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first visited the website. Would I be disappointed at yet another thinly disguised artistic attempt at moralizing me? Or would I finally find songs that would answer to both my need for good music and lyrics that would inspire me rather than leave me in a status quo?

Suffice to say that I’m writing about it, so you can guess how the visit to that website turned out!

But, while I purchased most of the songs and play them continuously, I found a part of me missing good old hip hop beats and quality rapping. Which is where my friend Nabil steps in. Him and Karim have created a wonderful collection of songs that are totally unlike other uplifting songs you might have heard before. You might even hear a little Justin Timberlake-ish vibe in there. Check it out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’m going to continue my search for nobility-inspiring songs; if you find any, please let me know! Until then, here are two of my favorite Nabil & Karim songs – enjoy.

O God Guide me

If Thou Lovest me

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4 thoughts on “Music as a ladder to man’s nobility

  1. Word to that. I realized a few years ago how much our spiritual health is can be impacted by the media we surround ourselves with. I started to seek out music that would uplift me much like you’re doing.

    I remember listening to a lot of Matisyahu at that time. Check it out:

    Good luck with the search.

    1. Thank you for sharing the link! I am starting to really like Matisyahu (I hope I typed that right!). Keep me posted if you find anything else 🙂

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