Of Sickness & Maladies, Serious or Otherwise

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I have a serious case of blogger’s block. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I havve been staring at my screen for quite some time now (I refuse to divulge the actual amount of time for fear of it being held against me in the future), without coming up with anything I could write about. For those of you who know me, it’s quite astounding, as I always seem to have something to say.

Even this post is a little hard to type out. Every word seems like such an effort, as if I am hauling bricks rather than working my keyboard. Although it’s extremely frustrating, I have to admit that it is making those flood-like days seem like a blessing.

Perhaps I am meant to appreciate flood-days more. Perhaps the lack of sunlight it getting to me. Perhaps the overload of holiday conversations (and blogging) finally got to me, and I need some ‘quiet time’. Perhaps I am having a proverbial crash of the computer age – i.e. after a high during the holidays, I can’t even stand the thought of posting something up. Perhaps it’s all been a lie up to now, I was never writing anything, it was all being beamed down to me from the mother-ship that came from a distant planet, and the transmissions are interrupted for whatever reason you want to think up.

Perhaps this, perhaps that – it all comes down to the fact that I have blogger’s block. I don’t know why but I have to admit, the subsequent silence is amazing, a little like closing the door to your office or room after the kids have fallen asleep, just sitting on your bed and breathing, with nothing going on in your head, just blissful nothingness. Although some might argue that there never is anything in my head.

In any case, there are a couple of posts I wrote up that I wanted to follow-up – so perhaps this is a great opportunity for me to read rather than write.

Until then, I bid you a fond farewell. I’ll probably be back full force on Monday or Tuesday, so do take the time to catch up on the contents of Sahar’s Blog.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 2 votes

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