Own a piece of hockey history…

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All together! Owner of the Canadiens, we can make it happen!

Becoming owner of the Montreal Canadiens, the Bell Centre and the Gillett Entertainment Group has long been the dream of businessmen such as René Angelil, Pierre Karl Péladeau, Guy Laliberté, Joey Saputo and Serge Savard. However, it has also been the dream, albeit seemingly unreachable, of each and every one of us, all Quebecers, all hockey fans. And what if that dream wasn’t so unreachable after all? What if that dream could come true?

The famous Canadien hockey team must remain a Quebec-based enterprise, our population in its entirety agrees; even our government supports such a decision. In fact, the minister of finance and the Premier Jean Charest have both openly offered their financial support via the CDP and the SGF to the organizations interested in becoming owner of the Montreal Canadiens. This would give Quebecers an opportunity to profit from their tax dollars. And really, why should we not? Why shouldn’t the profits be shared amongst those who wish to become a part of such an investment, those who are true Montreal Canadiens fans, those who have the Habs firmly anchored to their hearts?

Experts from around the world affirm that the economy of today will overcome its hardships and be victorious only once a new regime is implemented, a regime based on collective sharing. Barack Obama himself has stated this. We also believe this to be the case; together we could be that push towards making a dream come true. Imagine if only 100 000 Quebecers each invested the sum of $100…together we would represent 10 million dollars!


We are millions who watch them play, who attend the games at the Bell Centre; millions of us are fans of the Habs, the legendary hockey team. This enterprise remains one of the most profitable within Quebec. Its value has nearly doubled in 7 years and racks in 75 million dollars in profit last year. This enterprise has been, and will continue to be, responsible for years of good memories, nights of unforgettable fun. We rally together as fans of this famous hockey team; brimming over with a sense of prideness…we are true Hab fans!

A number of interested parties made known their desire to buy the Montreal Canadiens. We wish to represent you in this bidding war, to sit down and negotiate on your behalf, so that, in the end, we all reap the benefits.

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