Review: Heroes, Season 3, Episode 17, aka Volume 4, Chapter 4

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Completing the review of Episode 17 (Chapter 4) tickled me enough to work on this one, especially since I am far less annoyed with Heroes now that I know it has the potential to become as awesome as it used to be.

Then again, it could be that the hibernation is wearing off and I am slowly but surely waking up. Who knows?

The most interesting thing about this episode was the wonderfully ethical minefield brought on by the actions of Matt, Suresh and Peter. Matt claims they have done nothing wrong, only to be corrected by Suresh; up to the point when they drugged and kidnapped Noah Bennett, they hadn’t done anything wrong.

Which makes one wonder at the fine line between justice and revenge; when does one cross that line? While Matt has every right to want those behind Daphne’s (alleged) death punished, and to a certain extent, it can be argued that it’s a form of revenge acceptable to today’s society, when does this crusade for justice become one of revenge? When does he become that which he is fighting against?

This question is all the more important for Matt to deal with in that his power is increasing. What if he starts using his Jedi mind trick to make people hurt themselves or others? He is already quite scary in this episode, basically torturing Noah to get the information he needs.

Another interesting point in this episode was brought to us courtesy of above mentioned Noah Bennett and Angela Petrelli, as they discuss the end of their involvement in anything related to people with special powers (with exception of course of their respective children).

Noah: This is all I’ve ever known. What am I supposed to do now?

Which bodes the more general question of: is this why some people stay in there current situation, however terrible it might be? Because that’s all they have known, and they’d rather be in a bad yet familiar situation than an unknown but probably much better situation?

I’d like to end this (brief) review with a little bit of nose-rubbing: do you all remember the last scene, where Matt paints an exploding DC on the floor of Isaac Mendez’ New York loft? Well, I’d like to take a bit of credit in that I kind of saw it coming in the last couple of weeks.

Give a hibernating person a chance to thaw, already.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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