Review: Heroes, Season 3, Episode 25 – End of Volume 4

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So I finally cracked and watched the Season finale of Heroes. I skipped a couple of episodes (22 to 24, if I am not mistaken). I did feel confused once or twice, but thanks to the recap sequence and the slower pace of the show this season, it wasn’t that bad. This episode did, however, provide for some really intense OH MY GOD moments. The question begs to be asked: were these moments due to my confusion, or because they really were great moments?


Is he gone for good, or is he going to be back? It seems, from the end of the episode and the teaser we got from Season 4, that things are going to be a lot easier for people with abilities, at least officially – but then again, that means that a person like Danko, so against these people, could definitely get involved in an underground terrorist organization. But it might create a useless story arc that would take us away from the principal characters… I guess we are going to have to see about that.

I really loved the scene where Danko and Noah were locked in together; it also made, in my opinion, for one of the visually most interesting still shots of the episode: the image of Noah and Danko, sitting on either side of the bench, back to back, and looking at one another with mutual distrust and, dare I say, loathing. It truly was a great moment.

Ando & Hiro

Is the Dynamic Duo also gone for good? It’s hard to say. On the one hand, Hiro’s ability is fading, and Ando’s doesn’t seem all the useful (sorry, Ando). Also, if the scope of what Nathan started encompasses only the United States, then would the Dynamic Duo be able to help in what is now mostly a top level clean up?

Then again, once Hiro gets his strength back (can he ever return to his normal?), it’s only a matter of a phone call to get him to come right over, wherever he might be, so… and because of people like Danko, there also needs to be a bottom-up clean up.

In other words, there is no way to know what is going to happen to Hiro and Ando. If they did bow out for the last time, I will miss them; they are adorable, and they do provide for some really precious moments. One of them was Ando’s ‘crimson arc’ comment, and the other was the following exchange:

Suresh: Do you have dizziness and numbness in the left arm?

Hiro: Yes, but Bruce Wayne only slept two hours a night.


My love-hate relationship with Sylar continues as he becomes creepier and scarier by the episode. I’m also getting the distinct impression that not only Zachary Quinto is having a lot of fun playing this part, but the writers are also thoroughly enjoying writing it; what else could explain all the great Sylar quips during this episode?

Sylar (having captured Claire): Oh, God. This is fun.


Claire: I’ll never stop trying to kill you.

Sylar: Everyone needs a hobby.

Unfortunately, Sylar is now dead… Or rather, suppressed… Or rather, erased… Seriously, how do you call what happened to Sylar? What’s with the Sylar-Nathan hybrid? Is this a sad attempt from the writers of Heroes to being the ‘Green movement’ into the show, by taking the concept of ‘hybrid’ a little too far (ha ha), or is it a brilliant way to bring an entire discussion about the meaning of identity and life into the show’s discussion forums?

I have the feeling I am going to be blogging about this, probably sooner rather than later. In the meanwhile, here are two more of my favorite moments in this episode:

Nathan: Sylar… We gotta stop him (stumbles).

Peter (catching him): A lot of help you’re going to be.


Claire (right after being thrown through closed doors by Sylar and having crashed and slid down a wall, glaring at a bemused Nathan and Peter): GO!

Footnote: Peter should stop trying to send us subliminal messages through his growing hair about how he is more like his old self and just cut it off already. You’re back. We get it. Now go get a haircut. Things are probably quieter now, but they are definitely not going to remain so, what with a Sylar-Nathan hybrid roaming the halls of Congress – so make sure you visit a barber before then.

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