Review: Ugly Betty, Season 3, Episode 20: Rabbit Test – Part I

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Needless to say, I’m very, very happy to have new Ugly Betty episodes back on the air! Unfortunately, I could only watch their first half (and barely) of the episode before the link was somehow broken, and I have yet to find another link to the episode (or take the time to do so). But I couldn’t resist – the first half of the episode has been going through my head for a couple of days now, and to ensure a good night’s sleep, I decided to get it out and review it.

I absolutely loved the first couple of scenes; while Betty is finally living the large life, thanks to her (rich) boyfriend, Daniel and Wilhelmina are holding their end of the bargain to save Meade Publications & Mode by taking public transportation. Speaking of which, Wilhelmina’s outfits continue to dazzle me, from what she was wearing in that opening segment (her lack of experience with public transportation is sorely obvious in her choice of gorgeous yet impractical shoes) to the beautiful turquoise-blue dress she was wearing while showing Mark her baby’s pictures – which happens to be the same moment I was cruelly prevented by watching the rest of the episode.

Who said a review had to be staid and boring?

Speaking of the devil, it will be interesting to find out if that baby really is Wilhelmina’s or not… And what would be the implications of such a discovery? Obviously Wilhelmina wouldn’t tell anyone, but will she be able to keep such it to herself? Or, more importantly, will Mark be able to keep it to himself? And, in case Christina finds out, does Wilhelmina hold anything over her? My guess is that Wilhelmina would trade Christina’s silence for more time with the baby, who is, legally at least, hers. However relatively poor Wilhelmina now is, she is still probably a lot richer than Christina ever was or will be. Ergo she holds the upper hand.

Thank you Miles for stirring the hornet’s nest!

As long as we are talking about parental bonds, let’s talk about the one Betty’s boyfriend has with his father, i.e. the billionaire. The fact that he sends actual Fabregé eggs (at least I assume so, since Cal Hartley is, well, Cal Hartley) as invitations, accompanied by a security guard (which Ignacio didn’t quite appreciate – at first)

Which reminds me of another cute exchange…

Justin: Mom, it’s Fabregé (insistence on the ‘é’)
Hilda: No Justin, when the e is as the end, it’s silent.

So. What is going to happen now? Stay tuned for part II of the review…

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