Review: Ugly Betty, Season 3, Episode 13: Kissed Off

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I would like to start this review by sharing my secret hope that the “Hot Cocoa Fix” street vendor really does exist. If so, I’m so moving to New York, preferably in a little apartment right across the street from that street vendor. Or, if I can’t move to New York, I’ll buy that cart and give it to someone here to man it, on the condition that he stays within 250 meters of where I am.

On more Ugly Betty related business, I loved the way the difference between Amanda and Betty was highlighted through the way they handled the interviews for prospective roommates for Amanda. Betty’s sense of responsibility clashed yet again with Amanda’s total lack thereof. And, at this point, I can’t help but wonder how Amanda has managed to survive…

Many people – including myself, I must admit – say that Betty is too responsible. However, after reflection, I don’t think there is such a thing as being too responsible, and I don’t think Betty is too responsible. However, I do think that the relationships in which she is involved – be it with Daniel, her family or Amanda – aren’t healthy because she does too much and is too controlling. Does being responsible mean doing everything yourself, or does it rather mean knowing how to get things done equitably? While Betty shouldn’t let go of all her responsibilities, she needs to learn to stop controlling everything and to delegate. It’s a little hypocritical of her to get everything done and expect everyone to thank her for it when all she is doing is preventing them from learning to be responsible.

There is one other person who isn’t just a little bit hypocritical, but rather very much so. Could I please have the permission to slap Connor? While I agree he would have the right to be annoyed had Molly been seeing someone before they broke up, Connor doesn’t have much to say about the fact she’s dating so soon after they separated since he’s doing the same thing. Even the fact that she liked someone before they broke up shouldn’t bother him because he was all over Wilhelmina while engaged to Molly. Such double standards! And, more often than not, women are the ones who suffer the consequences of this double standard. At least Connor snapped out of it and instead chose to focus on his future, potentially with Wilhelmina.

One person whose future somewhat change was Betty, and it was a little hard watching her say goodbye to her dream of living in the city – because we all have dreams that we have had to say goodbye to. But I like her attitude of taking the dream with her. After all, when things don’t go exactly as planned or hoped, it only means that the dream needs to be adjusted somewhat, not scrapped.

I’d like to finish this review off by demanding for more Justin time! Now that Betty is back home, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for the writers to put in Justin time!

Favourite moments:

  • Jesse’s ringtone – unbelievable! (And not in a good way…)
  • Amanda: OK so I couldn’t find a male point of view, but I found Mark.
  • Wilhelmina’s return to wearing black, white and gold.
  • Mark and Amanda living together.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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