Supernatural, Season 4, Episodes 21 & 22: When the Levee Breaks & Lucifer Rising – Part I

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What I wrote as I started watching these episodes:

OK. We are August 21st, 2009 – and I guess it’s about time I watched the last two episodes of Supernatural.

How I missed you Dean.

And Sam, too.

But mostly Dean.

Since the premiere is slated for September 10th, I figured that I wouldn’t have enough time to freak out too much over what was probably a pretty insane Season 4 finale. I have assiduously avoided reading about it (sorry, Jerk/DoubleBitch) and blocked all potential sources of information (sorry again, Jerk/DoubleBitch).

What? It’s summer. There is life beyond the computer screen.

The topmost thought related to these episodes is the ever-enlarging kernel of doubt as to the number of camps that exist in this battle. I don’t think anymore that it’s angels versus demons. Come on – did you hear some of the comments Zachariah made to Dean while he was locked up in the Room That Gives All? (More on that room later).

It seems like there are 3 teams now: the demons, the bad angels and the good angels. Something is happening; a rebellion of sorts, perhaps, on behalf of the angels? I don’t quite know. But one thing is certain: Anna has an excellent point. There is something really wrong, and the angels like Castiel need to start thinking about the implications of what they are being asked to do.

That does make the difference between being a blind following and intelligent devotion.

On an almost totally unrelated note, I wonder if the opening sequence is going to change. ‘In Season One, the “Supernatural” logo is a flickering aqua-blue text. In Season Two, it appears in flames and the “A” becomes a pentagram. In Season Three, “Supernatural” is a moving silvery text against a background of clouds of demon smoke (in the series, demons frequently travel as smoke outside of human hosts). In Season Four, black bird wings flutter across a white background, followed by “Supernatural” flickering in red against a solid black background.’ (Source: here). What is it going to be for Season 5?

Only 13 days left.

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