The Prosperity of Humankind

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I just read an awesome quote that goes so well with my previous musings that I had to share it with you:

“The standard of truth-seeking this process demands is far beyond the patterns of negotiation and compromise that tend to characterize the present-day discussion of human affairs. It cannot be achieved – indeed, its attainment is severely handicapped – by the culture of protest that is another widely prevailing feature of contemporary society. Debate, propaganda, the adversarial method, the entire apparatus of partisanship that hand long been such familiar features of collective action are all fundamentally harmful to its purpose, that is, arriving at a consensus about the truth of a given situation and the wisest choice of action among the options open at any given moment.”

From: The Prosperity of Humankind

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5 thoughts on “The Prosperity of Humankind

  1. check out Michael Karlberg’s book, entitled “Culture of Contest” and many of his articles, that relate to this theme of a ‘culture of protest’
    he is also quoted in the CCFSA text, but his human rights article
    much love sahar,

    1. Thanks for the info Ilya – I’ll make sure to take a look. You’ll probably find a post about this here sometime in the future 😉

  2. I found just a bit of time to quickly wish a Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year to some people and wanted to stop by your site for just a second.. I know I’m a bit late with merry christmass but I’ve just been a tad busy with so many guests and I’m sure you are too. So Merry Christmass to you and your family and I hope all of you will have a happy new year. Don’t stop posting new posts next year because I will miss them 🙂

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