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Planning The Week – Recipe Recommendation: Chocolate Almond Energy Balls

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Happy Sunday!  This blogger uses Sundays to plan and prepare for the upcoming week.  I have been asked so many times about the resources that help me plan a full week that I decided to launch the “Planning the Week” feature with three concomitant components: a recommended book to make your commute easier; a healthy recipe to make your week tastier and healthier; and a planning/planner tip to keep it all running smoothly.


For anyone living in the northern hemisphere, these are probably the toughest months we need to get through.  Yes, the days are getting longer, but the cold persists and sometimes the urge to sleep the day away is too hard to resist.  But life, of course, must go on, and there is only so much coffee one can imbibe–healthfully, at least.

Chocolate Almond Energy BallsRecipes like Sépideh’s Chocolate Almond Energy Balls come in quite handy.  Actually, they come in handy in that they can give that coffee an extra boost, or on their own when really, another cup of coffee would be just too much for my system to handle.   And I know that, once summer comes along, I am going to be popping a bunch of these in the freezer as a healthy alternative to ice cream!

And now to find a header for this sub-feature…

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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