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Blog Review: Fifteen Great Blogs Round-Up (Part II of III)

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Since starting this feature back in August, I have had the pleasure of discovering and/or reviewing 15 blogs. I was expecting to have to go through one of my biggest difficulties when reviewing books or music: having to find something nice to say about something that really didn’t impress me. Thankfully this wasn’t the case, not even once. I can even say that because I enjoyed these blogs so much, I ended up spending a lot more time on each review than I had initially planned to, since I was, erm, “researching”.


Anyhow! To ring in 2016, I thought to do a little round-up of all these reviews, so that anyone who has made the resolution to read more blogs this year will have an easy time scratching that off their list. So here is the second set five out of fifteen blogs reviewed here on Sahar’s Blog, in no particular order.

Blog Reviewed: Ms Tiger Lilly

Reviews 2015 10 30 Blog Review Tiger Lilly… It comes as no surprise though that my favourite section of the blog is the one dedicated to books; thanks to her posts Books: My Back-to-School Favourites and Autumn Reads: Advice, Adventure and a Bookstore, my TBR pile is now even longer. I appreciated the advice Alexandra shares, mostly in the form of musings such as in The Definition of Success: Success, Glamour, and the Tale of a Fisherman and a Businessman and in Get Your Kicks on Route 66: The Ultimate Guide to Road Trips—of course, seeing as how my blog’s tagline is “Midnight Musings of an Overactive Mind”, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise, either.

Ms. Tiger Lilly is a fun blog to follow, as are Alexandra’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

Blog Reviewed: Vintage Press

Sahar's Reviews Blog Review Vintage Press Rachel Milne…Rachel tells me that Vintage Press is “a collection of all the nifty things I’ve found, whether it be a yummy recipe or tips on how to save money for college!” The four sections (other than the “About” section) have been well filled out in the last eight months of blogging. The bucket list section is just that: Rachel’s list of things she would like to “accomplish sooner rather than later.” It reflects the ambition of this college girl, and will make you want to cheer for each item struck for her list.

…The Food and Health section took me by surprise. It is a refreshing collection of posts here that are broadly related to the topic and make for some fun yet interesting reading. From 20 Songs to Make You Happier in the Morning! to The Acceptance of the Liebster Award Nomination!, there is a certain joie de vivre in these posts that, if you can absorb, is bound to make you feel better. Rachel also has a Nifty Find of the Week series which can definitely help brighten your day. You can also find Rachel on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Blog Reviewed: Eyeliner Wings and Pretty Things

Sahar's Reviews 2015 09 11 Blog Review Eyeliner Wings and Pretty ThingsPaige has been sharing all kinds of advice and information with her readers. She’s both quite open about her own life, sharing not only her monthly goal but also reviewing them. She regularly shares wishlists of fun, practical, pretty, and/or quirky things which are both fun and potentially dangerous for your wallet. A college girl, she has been quite open in sharing tips, advice, and experiences in the wild world of college. A huge music lover, she often posts on matters related to it, be it reviews, advice, or tips. In short, it’s just like Paige described it to me: “It’s full of variety without being a disorganized mess (I hope). I love to dabble in college-related posts, music, make-up, lifestyle…the works! I’m in love with writing and I try to keep my voice honest and very real. I’m not one to candy-coat anything!” I often do feel like I’m listening to a friend dishing out honest advice, and I can’t help but wonder how many of Paige’s readers are loyal to her for just that reason. This blog might be new, but it has a lot of potential, and I look forward to seeing where it’s going to go. Plus, it has a solid presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr!

Blog Reviewed: Haute Table

Sahar's Reviews 2015 08 21 Blog Review Haute TableHayden is not newbie on the blogging scene, having been contributing for almost exactly three years to the blogosphere. She described her blog Haute Table as “a random assortment of [her] life. [She has] a passion for fashion, college football, travel, and food all of which is prominently featured on Haute Table.” Her vision of what an “Haut Table Girl” is includes a broad range of things, from “loves balloons and sparkles” to “is fearless” and it only takes a few minutes exploring the site to see that she really embodies every item on her list. From outfits to travels, her food diary and a list of recipes, a sense of authenticity radiates throughout which is represented at its best through her Instagram account. Taking a look through Haute Table is la little like getting to know a new friend, one fun layer at a time—albeit a friend that just might make you spend a lot of money on fashion, if her Polyvore account is to be believed!

Blog Reviewed: Rosie May

Sahar's Reviews 2015 09 25 Blog Review Rosiemay…The beauty section features some of the usual stuff like hairdos and makeup tips, but also shares with readers easy natural skin care recipes they can do at home. One of my favourite posts in the lifestyle section is one about the Southeast Asian Night Market she attended—there is something about her shots that made me want to reach into the screen and pop into the market. The food section is mostly composed of yummy looking “Weekly Eats” posts

Not everything is rosy and peppy in this blog, as the author admits to having some difficult times with university as well as with her body image (which happens to also be her favourite post). All in all, this blog started strongly and has a lot of potential to grow into a strong voice of things both uplifting and challenging. You can also find Rosie on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Blog Review: Fifteen Great Blogs Round-Up (Part II of III)

    1. I’m just trying to spread the word about some great gems I’ve been lucky enough to find! Find any in these that you like?

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I loved having you review it, I also enjoy reading your reviews, you write them very well which is something I find hard to do without getting to sassy or losing my voice.

    1. Hi Paige! I loved reviewing your blog, so thank you for a very enjoyable couple of hours 🙂 And thank you for the feedback on my reviews, it really means a lot. Are you hoping to review blogs/other things? Because the stuff you do write read very easily–I always have the impression that I’m on a phone call with you and you are telling me all about these exciting finds, which is a voice that I **love**!

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