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Blog Review: ‘Haute Table’ by Hayden Pigott

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Name: Hayden Pigott
Blog: Haute Table
Her favorite post:

Hayden is not newbie on the blogging scene, having been contributing for almost exactly three years to the blogosphere. She described her blog Haute Table as “a random assortment of [her] life. [She has] a passion for fashion, college football, travel, and food all of which is prominently featured on Haute Table.” Her vision of what an “Haut Table Girl” is includes a broad range of things, from “loves balloons and sparkles” to “is fearless” and it only takes a few minutes exploring the site to see that she really embodies every item on her list. From outfits to travels, her food diary and a list of recipes, a sense of authenticity radiates throughout which is represented at its best through her Instagram account. Taking a look through Haute Table is la little like getting to know a new friend, one fun layer at a time—albeit a friend that just might make you spend a lot of money on fashion, if her Polyvore account is to be believed!




0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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