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Blog Review: ‘Hydrosupralicked’ by Ally Fiesta

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Name: Ally Fiesta
Blog Reviewed: Hydrosupralicked
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2016 03 18 Blog Review HydroSupraLickedOver the last four years, Ally Fiesta has built herself quite the blog. She explains that HydroSupraLicked “has roots in underground dance music” and that she enjoys “being active nature and dancing and sharing traveling experience.” She describes herself on her blog as “a bass blasting booty shaking, hoop twirling, raw food loving, international traveling Latina telling the Universe how it is.”

This energy of hers can be found throughout her purple and black on white blog. One immediately gets the sense that this is someone dedicated to what she believes in from the amount of content available. I have to admit that just like many other blogs I have recently reviewed, I found navigating HydroSupraLicked a little tough. The only menu bar available, at the top of the page, allows readers to navigate only to a few limited categories that do not span nearly as much as the full range of topics available. Thankfully though each post seems to be carefully tagged, allowing one to choose to navigate to any one that grabs his or her fancy.

Most if not all the interviews Ally has done seem to be focused on music, more specifically on bands or artists. Ally also dedicated one of the items on her top menu to music mixes; there are quite a few of them and one can tell pretty early on that Ally really likes her music.

I particularly liked the posts tagged under active lifestyle, in which Ally’s energy and enthusiasm bleed through. If you are having trouble getting on or keeping on top of a personal physical fitness goal, reading some of her posts might give you a boost. She only has, quite unfortunately, two product reviews, but hopefully she will be able to spruce that section up because I enjoyed reading her opinion on products.

And if, after visiting her blog, you are inspired to put together you own, Ally has listed a handful of resources here that helped her on her blogging path. Hydrosupralicked is an energy packed blog that reflects someone who seems to be thoroughly enjoying life. You can also find Ally’s energy come through on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Add to your blog reader? Potentially.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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