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Blog Review: ‘Sweet, Short & Stylish’ by Ruya Kirac

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Name: Ruya Kirac
Blog Reviewed: Sweet, Short & Stylish
Her favourite post:

Established in 2013, Roya’s blog isn’t just a hobby; it literally changed the course of her life, as she explains on her “About” page:

Reviews 2016 03 25 Blog Review Sweet Short & Stylish“I decided to start a blog as a creative outlet where I can talk about all the things that I love with people that have similar interests.  I never knew that blogging would lead me to working with national brands, creating friendships with readers and bloggers from all over the country, and giving me the courage to switch my major and start studying Media Management. Who knew that I always wanted to be working in public relations and social media? This girl didn’t. It’s funny how life has a strange way of working things out.”

The minimalist black on white blog oozes style from the very first glance, what with the beautiful logo and header that first greets readers.

Ruya explains that Sweet, Short & Stylish is “a fashion and lifestyle blog geared towards college girls who have a love for fashion but don’t want to break the bank.”  Four menu options helps readers navigate her online home.

Under “Outfits” are some really beautiful combinations, such as this outfit built around a ruffle jacket, and this one channeling the hope for spring.  While Ruya does seem to have a pretty extensive collection of clothes and accessories, one can easily choose to focus on the different ways she uses the same ones over and over if, like me, you would rather not have a hug closet but know how to use what you have well.  Of course even the most beautiful outfit can look pretty bad if you don’t have the right hair and makeup, tips for both of which can be found under the “Beauty” menu option.

There are pictures under the “Travel” menu option that will definitely make you dream. Roya balances out writing general posts about a trip as well as a couple of in depth ones—for example, she has general pictures of her trip to Paris but goes in depth when it came to her La Durée experience.  Under “Advice” I found quite a few posts on blogging and other topics, as well as this gem of a post that, as someone with a name many cannot pronounce well on their first try, made me grin.

You can also find Ruya on Facebook, Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Add to your blog reader?  If you want outfit inspirations, definitely!

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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