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Music Review: Liz Graham – ‘Charcoal on a Canvas’ Single

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Long-time singer Liz Graham released last month her new single, “Charcoal on a Canvas”, a song about wanting to know a person on a deeper level. The metaphor is an interesting one, as charcoal is literally a hands-on drawing method the use of which gets the artist’s hands quite dirty. For the artist to be able to draw the subject on canvas as Graham states she wishes to do requires the subject to open themselves up to the artist. One would assume that this process would be painful; but through the choice of an upbeat, guitar-driven track, Graham implies that it however difficult it might be it is, ultimately, a joyful one. It is a song that seems to fit well Graham’s love for performing in “intimate settings”

There are two reasons why the track could easily pass for an early Cranberries offering. First, from the very first notes, the melody sounds inspired by the band’s sound; second, even if Graham’s vocals lack the strength typical of songs by the famed band, they are still very reminiscent of Dolores O’Riordans’. A catchy adult contemporary track, “Charcoal on a Canvas” will no doubt please lovers of the genre. It certainly has a certain sticky factor to it and will make a strong addition to any playlist to be used during a weekend get together.

Graham’s video clips are available on her YouTube channel, and her tracks are available for streaming on SoundCloud; more information about her can be found on her official website.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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