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Music Review: The Healing – ‘Childhood Home’ EP

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The Healing is a four-piece band hailing from England – London, to be more precise. In their debut EP, Childhood Home, set for release near the end of the month, members Jim Moreton (vocals, guitar), Nicolas Py (drums, percussion), Sam Thiery (bass, guitar), and Ariel Moreton (harmony vocals) have put together a collection of five songs that combine elements of alternative rock, classic rock, soul, and country. The lyrics draw from the themes of childhood memories, family stories, and the connection with family members, which create a cozy, intimate, and almost intimate EP that everyone can connect to in their own special way. Despite the different genres the band draws on, the songs combine to create a sometimes moving and always pleasant experience.

The EP opens up with “No Virtue”, a dynamic, groovy, yet smooth first song. This drum-driven track, which brings in soul and blues elements, would probably sound great played live. When listening to it at home, I already see myself sitting at a table in a lounge, The Healing on stage playing this song while the crowd mostly listens with some audience members whispering comments to one another. This feeling goes back to the intimate, yet universal nature of the themes broached on this release. The song is also long, like many of the tracks. Though it clocks in at over five minutes, I barely felt the time passing, enjoying the layers it contains.

The guitar-driven “Losing My Way” is next, bringing country elements to the EP. This smooth song is graceful in the way the notes move about in the melody, and bring to mind the feeling one gets when enjoying a beautiful evening in a rocking chair placed on one’s porch. The electric guitar-based “Tonopah” has a distinct classic rock feel to it which enhances the feeling of nostalgia the lyrics already underline. This upbeat, yet atmospheric song is yet another long one that not only I did not feel was too long, but felt compelled at times to replay.

Even if I personally did not like the subsequent slow, tender, country ballad “Childhood Home”, it would be unfair to let the song go unrecognized as a potential favourite of many a country ballad lover. This simple song does not contain as many layers as the other ones, but does enhance the feeling of nostalgia for a childhood home now gone. The EP finishes off with its longest song, “Shed One Tear”, which clocks in at seven minutes. The major element of this tune is a classic rock feel in which the country influence can be felt. The length was yet again not noticeable, despite the minute-long, instrumental-only ending.

Each of the five songs on Childhood Home is quite different, but are brought together because of their underlying themes and the experiences they create. The name of both the band and the EP are quite apropos, as the latter conveys nostalgia which can bring healing. It can be streamed on SoundCloud. and purchased at Bandcamp. More information is available on their Facebook page.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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