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Product Review Nine Inspirational Prints from Three Etsy Stores

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Mantras have been a large part of my personal development tool kit for quite some time.  I’ve discussed them a few times on this blog over the last few years as a way for example to deal with the ego, as a way of faking it until you make it, and as a way of sticking to new year’s resolutions.  I thought it quite à propos to do round-up of my favorite inspirational prints, the ones that I would purchase for myself or for a friend in need.

I must share with you from the get-go that I have never seen any of these prints in person, so there is nothing I can personally say about their quality.  What I am commenting on is what they look like and how, if the images I found online and the reviews are to be trusted, they should look in person.  I am also mostly commenting on their usefulness as a source of inspiration on a path of self-improvement inspired by the Bahá’í Writings.

I do hope to own a couple of these myself in the future (sooner rather than later!) and when I do, I will definitely be posting a follow-up review.

Why Such Love for Etsy Stores?

I have been asked quite a few times over the last few years why I love shopping so much on Etsy.  It’s not Etsy per say that I love, but rather the concept of buying from small businesses.  Small businesses tend to be more in touch with the reality at the grassroots, which can translate into more ethical choices, contributing to the community, and creating a sustainable supply chain that works harmoniously with currently available resources.  I also find a lot more diversity of supply amongst small businesses that I would in a chain—I’m thinking for example at cards I recently purchased at various stores versus those I found in various Etsy stores.

First Featured Etsy Store: Safarista Design

I have never reviewed Safari Design on this blog before and I am not sure why.  Her designs are colourful but remain simple—and they are downloadable purchases you can print in whatever size you choose.  While she tends to have longer quotes on her prints, she designs her prints in a way that they remain clean and fresh-looking.  My three favourites are:

Amanda Catherine Designs

I have been an ardent admirer of Amanda Catherine Designs for quite some time now, and am not surprised that her Etsy store has 1,886 reviews averaging 5 on 5 stars.  I am also not surprised that she has been featured in Marie Claire, Shop Til You Drop, and Matchbook magazines, on the websites of Oprah, Lucky Magazine, ELLE Interiors, Martha Stewart Living, Fossil, Lauren Conrad, The College Prepster, Glitter Guide, Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Everygirl, Apartment Therapy, New York Magazine, and Levo League amongst others.  The best part?  Amanda Catherine Designs is a proud partner of Love146, an organization dedicated to end child sex slavery and exploitation; proceeds from every purchase made will go to fund the meaningful work Love146 does.

Of the prints currently available (some of my favorites are no longer available quite unfortunately!), my three favorites are:

Anne Garrison Studio

She might not have as many reviews, but she is still averaging 5 on 5 starts on the 282 reviews that she does have (of the total of 1,363 sales she has) with good reason, my three favourite of which are:

  • Make your own magic” (black cursive writing on white background surrounded by gold stars)
  • It’s What You Do Next That Counts” (black cursive writing on white background with golden rays emanating from the top and bottom of the quote)
  • Choose joy today” (black and gold cursive writing with golden rays emanating from it on white background)

Own any of these?  Or have other recommendations of prints?
Let me know, I’d love to discover new inspirational
prints to add to my gallery of favourites!

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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    1. My pleasure, Kertu! It’s great work that to me deserves to be shared and appreciated! What new things have you been working on lately?

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