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The mystery of Google Trends

Sometimes, when I ponder on the not so many ways I have to increase this blog’s readership, I am very tempted to blog about things that are popular rather than things that I like to blog about. For example, Google Trends has been telling me that, during the last 20 days, over half of the… Read More The mystery of Google Trends


When complex is easy

Sometimes, the most complex concepts can be explained in the simplest of ways… I wish that had been the case with college calculus…

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Playing games with the TSA

Make sure not only to read the article, but the comments posted by some of the readers. I find this idea cute, but, as some readers also mentioned, useless – instead of taking real action, Evan Roth is only helping frustrate people who have no say in the matter. As one of the readers said:… Read More Playing games with the TSA

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Who said men can’t be nurturing?

While it might seem that the world is falling apart around us, the signs that humanity has yet given up on itself abound. Various organizations are created all the time and all seem to be working very hard on making the world a better place. Some of them seem to lean more towards the publicity… Read More Who said men can’t be nurturing?

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Partying it up in the name of mental health

There is a lovely Persian tradition that turns the longest night of the year, the winter equinox, into a celebration. It’s called ‘Shabeh Yalda’ – Night of Yalda. I find this concept quite brilliant, as it is basically a healthy community approach to combat winter depression. I think more things like this should be put… Read More Partying it up in the name of mental health

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In the endless search for understanding in a world that doesn’t make sense

So apparently, Joseph Petcka killed a cat. I’m a little confused. Why is this hot news? Why is it at the top of all Google searches? He’s an actor. So? He was on Sex and the City. So? He was a prospect for professional baseball. So? I must be missing something. Because while the act… Read More In the endless search for understanding in a world that doesn’t make sense

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Doing your best out of fear

Injustice annoys me. Thoroughly. It makes me lose my cool like nothing else can. This is one of the reasons I find it so sad that in today’s “modern” world, in “developed” countries, there are still so many people do their best at work not because they are inspired to do so, but rather because… Read More Doing your best out of fear

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Médecins Sans Frontières

The clip below was produced by Médecins Sans Frontières to raise awareness of the ever-present impact of AIDS in Africa. It’s very short, under a minute, and very simple – yet the message is clear and powerful. Enjoy. For more information on MSF: For more information on AIDS and what is being done around… Read More Médecins Sans Frontières


An email saves Florida toddler’s life

A fellow WordPress member posted an article about how an email saved the life of a Floria toddler. The story is quite amazing, and begs the question: should forwards be taken seriously or not?


Hello World!

Yes, I did use the title of WordPress’ generic welcome post, but it seemed to à propos that I couldn’t find anything better. Welcome to my personal blog! It has been years in the making, from finding out what in the world a blog is, to reading a couple of blogs that my friends around… Read More Hello World!