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Music Review: The Kiss That Took A Trip – ‘Electroforest’

Madrid’s The Kiss That Took A Trip is in fact a one man affair; M.D. Trello takes care of the computers, the programming, the vocals, and the guitars that created the fifteen-track album Electroforest released in November of this year. Trello states that he has no other aim but “to build a consistent and lasting… Read More Music Review: The Kiss That Took A Trip – ‘Electroforest’

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Music Review: i am Love – ‘i am Love’

To be released mid-January 2015, Philadelphia folk band i am Love’s self-titled offering is a progressive folk rock album using cello, woodwinds, zither, sax, and reverb. (And yes, I had to look up what a zither is.) Joshua Christopher (vocals, guitars, chorded zither), Will Whitmire (bass, banjo), and Kris Jackson (percussion, keyboard, vocals) have put… Read More Music Review: i am Love – ‘i am Love’

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Music Review: Anne Simone – ‘Bittersweet’

There are many reasons for giving new artists a try. Anne Simone piqued my interest because of the following words she wrote: “I am a citizen of the world./I tread gently on this earth./My glass is always half full./I celebrate differences./I believe music soothes the soul./I aspire to be the change I want to see.”… Read More Music Review: Anne Simone – ‘Bittersweet’

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Music Review: Lovesucker – ‘Lovesucker’

An interesting mix of gypsy inspired sounds are blended in with soul and a dab of rock in Lovesucker’s self-titled EP, released in October 2014. The North Carolina duo— Crystal Cosby (vocals) and Zoltan Von Bury (instruments)—manage to bring these distinct styles together to almost create a unique, fourth genre they refer to as “gypsy… Read More Music Review: Lovesucker – ‘Lovesucker’

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Music Review: The Workers – ‘Totem’

New York City self-proclaimed alternative rock band The Workers released last month an EP entitled Totem. Its three tracks– the opening “Death Race”, “Boomerang”, and “Big Time”, all reflect a certain dark wistful energy. They all also are simple while featuring intricate instrumentation by its seven member band: Dan Greenwald (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Will… Read More Music Review: The Workers – ‘Totem’

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Music Review: goste – ‘Eugene’

Brooklyn-based experimental electronic artist goste released earlier this month his third EP titled Eugene. goste, whose real name is Owen Ross, is a producer, instrumentalist, and composer; one of the unique features of his music is that he adds his own vocals to tracks. While goste is a solo project, the EP also features Chris… Read More Music Review: goste – ‘Eugene’

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Music Review: Pacanomad – ‘Restless’

The energy of rock and the emotions of soul come together in Pacanomad’s debut five track EP Restless. The four member Canadian indie rock and R&B band, comprised of Chantel Rivard (vocals), Nick Cifaldi (guitar), Dave Ball (bass), and Zack Stewart (drums), build on the strength of Rivard’s smoky vocals and Cifaldi’s guitar skills to… Read More Music Review: Pacanomad – ‘Restless’

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Book Review: Far Forward, by C. F. Waller

Mild Spoiler Alert! Far Forward, a book by independent author C. F. Waller, was published last month on Amazon.  I noticed a post about it in a Facebook group, and one sentence in the description captured my attention: “Awakening on a lazy Saturday morning, Anna Katz is greeted by an older version of herself making… Read More Book Review: Far Forward, by C. F. Waller