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Music Review: Nick de la Hoyde – ‘Passion’ EP

Sydney, Australia’s 21-year-old Nick de la Hoyde brings together the sounds and vibes of hip-hop, pop, soul, R&B, and spoken word, creating a collection of songs both unique in their breadth and depth, yet approachable and radio-friendly. His debut EP, Passion, features single “The Longest Way”, the result of a collaboration with Chicago-based hip-hop producer… Read More Music Review: Nick de la Hoyde – ‘Passion’ EP


The Beauty Issue: From Symptoms to Root Cause

As discussed last week, France is considering banning super skinny models from its runways in light of the link between high fashion, body image, and eating disorders. While this conversation is an advance in itself, the proposed solution will cause another problem: the marginalization of super skinny women. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.… Read More The Beauty Issue: From Symptoms to Root Cause

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Music Review: Lovesucker – ‘Lovesucker’

An interesting mix of gypsy inspired sounds are blended in with soul and a dab of rock in Lovesucker’s self-titled EP, released in October 2014. The North Carolina duo— Crystal Cosby (vocals) and Zoltan Von Bury (instruments)—manage to bring these distinct styles together to almost create a unique, fourth genre they refer to as “gypsy… Read More Music Review: Lovesucker – ‘Lovesucker’

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Music Review: Pacanomad – ‘Restless’

The energy of rock and the emotions of soul come together in Pacanomad’s debut five track EP Restless. The four member Canadian indie rock and R&B band, comprised of Chantel Rivard (vocals), Nick Cifaldi (guitar), Dave Ball (bass), and Zack Stewart (drums), build on the strength of Rivard’s smoky vocals and Cifaldi’s guitar skills to… Read More Music Review: Pacanomad – ‘Restless’