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The X-Files Revival Cheat Sheet Number 5: Infographics galore

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While hard-core X-Files fans have kept abreast of the show since Season 9 ended in 2002, many fans of the show, while still carrying around fond memories, are having a hard time remembering some of the details of the show.  This leads, among others, to some interesting reviews that ask questions that have long been answered a few seasons past.

While the initial excitement is still quite high at the moment, what with the airing of the first two episodes of the new season and the anticipation of what promises to be a hilarious third episode, there seems to be enough of an attention span available to go through some of the basics again.  Today’s cheat sheet brings together a couple of great infographics that range from basic information to interesting tidbits from the show.  They are great to refresh your memory, to stroll down memory lane, or in any attempt in figuring out what the heck happened in the season’s first episode.

Traveling the United States

While this infographic won’t help you catch up, I’m starting with it because it’s just plain fun.  Long before the Winchester brothers hit the roads of the country in search of big bads to kill, Agents Mulder and Scully were already there (OK, find, they were traveling by air, but still) getting the world rid of all kinds of creepy things.  Suprisingly enough, sun-filled California is the home of a number of creepy crawlies…

Basic Information

Fox put together this handy little infographic which contains a lot more information at second (and third, and fourth…) glance.  For example, consider the number of times Mulder called Scully “Dana” in the course of the show’s first nine seasons.

Mythology Timeline Infographic

This infographic comes in quite handy in putting the pieces of the mythology together.  Its creators have put together all the hints, allusions, and information we have been fed in the first nine seasons of the show and put them in chronological order.  I can’t help but wonder how useful this infographic would be in keeping Mulder from acting impulsively and basically forgetting so much of what he has previously uncovered to replace it with O’Malley’s narrative.

Familiar Vancouver Locations

Just like the new episodes, the ones in Seasons 1 through 5 were filmed in moody, overcast Vancouver.  If you live there or plan to visit, this simple infographic will come in handy for you to visit some familiar looking locations as a graduation gift for figuring out all X-Files related questions.

Bonus: X-Files and Breaking Bad

If you went over and beyond in your search for the truth, you definitely deserve this little bonus infographic, which will uncover some more obvious and some surprising relationships between The X-Files and Breaking Bad.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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