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Author Spotlight: Carina Axelsson

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Author Spotlight Carina Axelsson The quest to become a better writer is one that inspires many a conversation with authors one admires. A reviewer has the opportunity to meet many authors with whom one can have inspiring conversations. These conversations are increasingly feeding into the posts on this blog, so I thought it would be timely to start a new feature called, quite simply, “Author Spotlight”.

To celebrate the upcoming publication of the second book in her Model Undercover series, author Carina Axelsson, whose first book in this series I reviewed, has accepted to write a post to be featured on this blog. The lessons that were weaved through Model Undercover: A Crime of Fashion are universal. The story provides readers with the opportunity to reflect on how society trained us to unjustly tune out people who look a certain way, or, similarly, to pay more attention to those whose looks correspond to a narrow definition of beauty. Also in this book, Axelsson tackles the concept of dichotomies, most of which are false, which makes a reappearance of sorts in the guest post below.

A love for fashion and beauty and a love for books is often considered as unmixeable as oil and water; the beautiful cheerleader is not often portrayed as an intellectually advanced brainiac who in turn, is usually not fashion savvy or even particularly beautiful. Thankfully, the false dichotomy between the two is slowly being addressed in various media, such as in Carina’s character, Axelle Andersen, providing an image of what a beautiful, smart woman could be like.

Five Beauty/Fashion Tips for Book Loving Fashionistas, by Carina Axelsson

So how does being a book-loving fashionista differ from being a “regular” fashionista? And can – or will – a love of books influence your choice of fashion? If so, how does one fashionably reconcile reading and style?

Well, read on and take note! And after perusing my Five Top Beauty and Fashion Tips for book loving fashionistas, I hope you’ll feel inspired to give your outfit a touch more care before curling up with your latest favorite book…

  • The sparkly fashion accessory a book reader shouldn’t be without is a headband. There are lots of really cute, glittery ones out at the moment, and what better way to keep your hair out of your eyes while reading? You can scream glam whilst quietly reading Shakespeare – how fab is that?
  • And speaking of eyes, I’d say your mascara is pretty important. It should thicken and lengthen your lashes without clumping. The last thing you want is chunks of dried up mascara falling on your open book. Not a good look! Invest in good mascara.
  • Of course, as a book lover and fashionista, a good manicure will score points all around. Not only will your fashion credentials soar as you show off the latest trendy shade, but, certainly, page turning becomes a pleasure in itself when your hands look gorgeous!
  • Another vital accessory for a book loving fashionista is a beautiful tote bag or shoulder bag – because, lets face it, some crumpled up old cloth tote bag simply will not do if your books are to remain in pristine shape and your reputation as a fashion lover is to remain intact. Commodious yet stylish, your bag must be able to hold at least a few paperbacks, yet be fabulous enough to say, “Yes, things can be beautiful and practical, thank you!”
  • Have you been kept up late by yet another page-turning thriller or romance? Have you woken with dark circles and puffy eyes? Well head to your fridge and grab that cold cucumber you didn’t use in last night’s salad. Slice four thin slices, then sit, comfortably reclining against some pillows, with two slices over each eye. Five minutes later, you can rise and shine!

So there you go – fashion and books really do make for a fabulous mix!

Happy reading (stylishly, of course)!
Carina x

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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