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Blog Review: ‘Lovely & Literary’ by Aleah

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Sahar's Reviews 2015 09 04 Blog Review Lovely and LiteraryName: Aleah
Blog: Lovely & Literary
Her favorite post:

It could be argued that I love this blog because it has to do with one of my biggest passions, writing. It could also be argued that I love it because it discusses another one of my passions: living a spiritual life and contributing to the development of the community. But these are only partially why I love this blog. From its sleek, simple, yet elegant design to the quality of the writing, there is a lot that Lovely & Literary has to offer readers. Aleah explains how her corner of the blogosphere is “a literary and lifestyle blog for creative types of all sorts where [she] share[s] [her]passion for good books, theatre, arts and social issues, as well as notes on creative lifestyles and travel.” The blog is only a couple of months old, but it has already racked up quite a few posts on books (both reading and writing them), lifestyle, and arts and culture. Aleah’s reading list has also been growing slowly but steadily—and these are not the lightest of books! If you are looking for something both simple yet complex, elegant, thoughtful, and just plain pretty, Lovely & Literary might just be for you—and don’t forget to take a look at Aleah’s delightful collection of pictures on Instagram. For regular updates on her blog, follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

First published on Sahar’s Reviews on 4 September 2015.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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