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Blog Review: ‘kate in the classroom’ by Kate

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kate in the classroom on Sahar's ReviewsName: Kate Akhtar-Khavari
Blog: kate in the classroom
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There are a lot of girls out there who are trying to break into the style blogging world that is has become important for bloggers to create a brand that is both broad enough to appeal to a wide audience while at the same time having a unique twist that will keep readers coming. In kate in the classroom, teacher-to-be Kate is all about style within the unique context of the career she is pursuing—yes, education.  You might already be able to tell why I enjoyed writing this blog review!

The ‘it’ factor for this blog is reflected in its categories: seasonal capsule, classroom approved, beauty, in my future classroom, and reflections. Just like last week’s blog, Elle is for Love, Kate is clearly striving to be more than just another fashion blogger. She is trying to tie in her love for fashion with her love for teaching, and infusing all of it with a sense of dedication to the betterment of the world. Her future classroom feature makes me want to send her all the children I know and love to be educated (world citizen? Yes, please!) especially after taking a look at all the resources she has put together in a series of six Pinterest boards.

Kate’s endeavor is still a relatively new one—she has only been blogging since January of this year. But the space she has created since then as well as the content she has been generating make this blog well worth keeping an eye on.

First published on Sahar’s Reviews on 14 August 2015.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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