Ten Recommended Reads: Week of 20-26 February 2016

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There are so many great blog posts that I get to read during the week that I took a page out of many a bloggers’ book and decided to share a round-up of my favorite ten posts each Friday, which can either be used to make this evening’s commute go by quicker, or to accompany tomorrow morning’s cup of coffee.

Beautiful is Worth Some Time

The stunning photography by ADIMAY’s Aditi in this latest editorial photoshoot of hers is well worth a visit.  Tiffani shares beauty in the form of books she wishes she could rediscover for the first time.

Inspirational Blog Posts

Mikayla shares some thoughts on the purpose of prayer while Kelsey gets introspective, reflecting on the “reality” of being a “self-entitled” millennial.

To Live a Better Life

Vicki inspires readers to take their first steps into building a better life.  Elena helps readers carry out a “life audit” to help carve out the unnecessary so as to have more time for the things that matter.

Knowing what cause to root for and clarifying conceptions related to it are essential steps in leading a coherent life, and Michelle helps feminists understand more about their movement.


Just because you want to downsize doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking fashionable–Jesica asks questions to help you balance out the two.

Shedding Light

Shedding light on the reality of depression, Darrian underlines five misconceptions about it and shares some thoughts on depression and relationships.

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