iRead Book Tours: A Happy Third Anniversary! { Includes Giveaway! }

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I never imagined, when I first started blogging back in 2008, that I would meet so many amazing people.  Fellow bloggers provided me with inspiration through their own blogs as well as tips, help, and just plain support.  Readers started trickling in during the first months Sahar’s Blog was born, and as their confidence in the quality of my writing grew, so did their efforts to spread the word.  Thanks to them, the number of visits increased steadily over time.

I then started building professional relationships and yet again, a whole new array of wonderful people was opened to me.  I met one of these individuals through iRead Book Tours, which is celebrating three amazing years providing amazing service to authors.  I have come to appreciate how the company gives special attention to every book that tours with them; they are clearly passionate about books while not forgetting the authors behind them.  That is why they go beyond plain marketing, helping instead authors get the best exposure using traditional review tours.

Laura is not the only wonderful person to work with; iRead has brought together a great group of book bloggers and authors as part of her staff.  And in contrast to so many other book tour services, iRead focuses on a few quality books, reaching out in a well-thought out strategic manner rather than bombarding bloggers with generic email after email.

This is why, if you are an author looking for a way to market your blog, I would strongly recommend iRead Book Tours.  The company is currently celebrating its third anniversary, so why not try your luck bu entering this giveaway to win a Basic Virtual Book Tour Package?  And if you are not an author, you can also win $50 in cash, which is always a good thing.

Good luck!

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