Another day, yet another question

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So I’ve been wondering (surprise, surprise). Am I the only one that seems to think that we live in a society in which we are wired to worry? It sometimes feels like worrying has become a sport. Although the mental image associated with an Olympic event of worrying is quite amusing, the reality isn’t quite the same.

It reminds me also of the fact that it sometimes feel like we live in a society that is proud of being tired. The more tired you are, the better of a person you are: it means that you are working hard and deserve success – or, if you don’t have success, that life just isn’t fair. If you aren’t tired it means that you are not working hard enough, and that the success you do have isn’t deserved – or, if you are not successful, that you deserve to be unsuccessful.

Speaking of which, where are my Wake-ups?

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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