Building a better world one neighborhood at a time

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The quest for the answer to the biggest question on Sahar’s Blog as well as on the minds of the hundreds of Sahar’s Blog readers continues: how are we going to get ourselves out of the world-wide funk we are in and step into the great, peaceful and just world we know we can create?

By transforming it, one neighborhood at a time.

But how?

Obviously, we need to find a way of touching the hearts of each member of the community so that they get back in touch with their inherent nobility. Every human being has been created noble, and can reflect great spiritual qualities. Granted, it’s hard, it takes time and, in today’s society, it isn’t as appreciated as it should be. But being aware of our inherent nobility is the most powerful thing that can lead us to tread the path of social transformation.

So it’s obvious that we need to have different lines of activity that suit the needs of the different groups in our communities: the children, the teens and the adults.

And, since these three groups happen to live in the same space, there needs to be something that they all do together, too.

Here is a great video explaining the efforts of the worldwide Baha’i community to elevate entire neighborhoods through activities that are suited to the strengths and needs of each age group mentioned above.

So, how are you going to contribute to elevating your neighborhood?

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