CBC: ‘Embarassing’ to be a Canadian at climate talks

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Ok guys. Here is another thing we really need to whip the Canadian government in shape about.

‘Embarrassing’ to be a Canadian at climate talks: Green party leader

The UN climate conference in Poznan, Poland, was a “mark of shame” for Canada, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said on Saturday.

Delegates from poorer nations were angry at Canada for not meeting its commitments under the Kyoto protocol, as well as all industrialized countries for stalling on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, May told CBC News.

During the conference, which began Dec. 1, Canada won several Fossil of the Day Awards, announced by Climate Action Network International, a group that includes more than 400 non-governmental organizations.

“It was embarrassing being a Canadian at these meetings,” May said.

“Canada, unfortunately, was about the worst performer here, and that’s saying a lot. That means worse than the United States with the lame-duck Bush administration, still doing what it can to obstruct.

Read the rest of the article here. And then, if you are as shocked as I am about this, you should call and (yes, and) email your MP directly. To find your MP’s contact info, go here.

Then raise awareness by emailing everyone you know with the above information. Remember: ever letter received is considered as the opinion of 100 citizens. One thing every MP wants is to be re-elected, which means that if he or she receives enough letters/emails/phone calls about a certain subject, he or she knows that unless this suject is adressed satisfactorily, he or she might not get your vote.

This is, after all, what democracy is about. Gotta love it!

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