Review: Ugly Betty, Season 3, Month-long Hiatus: Lament of a Disgruntled Fan

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Seriously? No Ugly Betty from March 19th to April 30th? How in the world are we supposed to survive the end of winter and, for Montrealers, an overwhelmingly disappointing end to the 2008-2009 Centennial season of the Habs if we can’t count on things like Ugly Betty?

At least the upcoming plot twists sound pretty exciting, and, dare I say, worth the wait (note to Ugly Betty producers: this is NOT an open invitation to taking regular month-long hiatus’!). Betty’s family is going to meet Matt’s father (ouh, getting serious!) at an Easter Egg Hunt. Which basically means a lot of potential for a lot of Betty-worthy laughter.

It also seems like one of the major players of last season, i.e. Baby Meade, is going to make a comeback – although his Mead-ish-ness is going to be questioned. If Baby Meade isn’t a Meade, what is going to happen to Wilhelmina’s hold on Mode?

I am so looking forward to April 30th. Let it come quick!

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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