Stuck without a gift? Here is something worth looking into…

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The gift that gives twice: charity donations!

2 hens and a rooster a hot gift? Charities enjoy upswing in downturn

Many cash-crunched Canadians are tucking charity pledge cards in stockings this year, with some organizations reporting significant increases despite the economic downturn.

Donations to Yuleanthropy, a charity which funds social programs in Kenya, have doubled this year, according to spokesman Ted Grant.

“I’m really delighted and heartened by the response that we are getting from people,” he said.

Similarly, World Vision Canada also reports its Gift Catalogue — in which consumers can give gifts of livestock, medicine, and school supplies to people in developing countries — is proving to be immensely popular.

“You can buy two hens and a rooster for $55,” said spokesman Dirk Booy. “Although Canadians are tightening their belt right now, they’re not tightwads.”

CBC Toronto’s Sounds of the Season fundraising event for the Daily Bread Food Bank has exceeded previous targets, this year raising $250,000 and about 3,855 kg of food. Last year the event raised $140,000 and 3,175 kg of non-perishable items.

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