The real drama of Michael Jackson’s passing

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There are many, many things that bother me about the passing of Michael Jackson.

First and foremost is the loss of an incredible entertainer. But I think I made my point of view on how amazing he was pretty clear already, so enough about that.

Second, that a mere week and a half after his passing, his children are already caught in a terrible, terrible game, used as pawns in the premiere of “Who Gets Michael Jackson’s money”. I wish there was something I could to help those poor kids, who have lost their dad.

Third, that the funeral service has a feel of an amazing ‘show’ that people want to attend rather than a spiritual event. Yes there are many fans who truly want to pay their respects, but there are also many (some we see on television) who, after getting tickets to the funeral service tomorrow, act more like they won tickets to a fun concert rather than a funeral service.

Fourth, that anything surrounding Michael Jackson is going to become a huge frenzy, and most probably, everyone and anyone is going to try to get their money’s worth (or their 15 minutes of fame).

I’m sure everyone reading this has already heard about the Neverland Ranch ‘ghost’ of Michael Jackson. We are now going to be drowned with ‘expert’ analysis within the next couple of days. Now while I love anything related to the paranormal and to Michael Jackson (and, understandably so, I’d be more than exciting to have Michael Jackson’s ghost hanging out at Neverland), this is bordering on ridiculous. Yes, we have lost a great entertainer. Yes, we want to pay our respects. But at what cost? We aren’t allowing the family to say their good-byes; we aren’t giving those poor kids the space they need to grieve; and we are barely paying attention to the coup in Honduras of the still ongoing aftermath of the elections in Iran.

I am again reminded of the words of Andrew Sullivan: this is the culture that we have created, the culture that contributed and fed Michael Jackson’s erratic behaviour, and the culture that sweeps aside the deaths of innocents and the casual dismissal of human rights to focus solely on an entertainer.

No wonder we’re in so much trouble.

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