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Three Apps That Promote Inner Peace and Spirituality

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Your phone is not often the first thing you think of when you’re looking for spiritual guidance, especially since there are several preliminary studies that show a positive correlation between the use of technology and stress levels. But like Dr. David Shanley explained, “Clearly a cause-and-effect relationship cannot be concluded from such limited data.”

It’s not at all surprising that one would associate stress and anxiety with increased smartphone usage, and a lot of that comes from social media as well as the adrenaline rush from mobile games. According to the providers of the online bingo guide, Free Bingo Hunter, games account for more than 50% of smartphone app usage, heightening brain activity as we immerse ourselves in our devices.

Surprisingly, just as a smartphone can be known to add to your stress, it can actually calm you down. Apps are not all about the excitement of games, as there are also tools for relaxation to promote mindfulness, inner peace and spirituality. Although, if you’re still hesitant about your phone’s meditative capabilities, you can be the judge when it comes to the following apps.

Chakra Meditation

Designed by Saagara, a digital health company with a background in medicine, engineering, design, yoga and meditation, Chakra Meditation balances out your chakras by letting users create custom sessions and track progress for personal growth and development. Each session has its own interactive animation as well as a calming narration for ultimate relaxation and inner peace.

Relax & Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold

One of the UK’s best selling self-help audio authors has released a free recording to relieve stress before bedtime, so users can have a good night’s sleep. Rated as the number one lifestyle app across numerous app markets, Relax & Sleep is celebrated for its effectiveness even on insomniacs.


Improve concentration, memory and mental power while relieving stress and tension with ConZentrate. Unlike other meditation apps, this one also adds a fun element with goals you can achieve and levels you can unlock to engage with the mind and add interest to breathing exercises.

Have a favorite meditation or spiritual app of your own? Feel free to leave suggestions below!

Post contributed by Sheena Abney.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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