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Planning the Week – Recipe Recommendation: Feta and Favorite Veggie Frittata

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Happy Sunday!  I use Sundays to plan and prepare for the upcoming week.  I have been asked so many times about the resources that help me plan a full week that I decided to launch the “Planning the Week” feature with three concomitant components: a recommended book to make your commute easier; a healthy recipe to make your week tastier and healthier; and a planning/planner tip to keep it all running smoothly.


I have been misbehaving a little bit when it comes to recommending recipes as part of this feature, and now that readers have called me on it, I just have to rein in my enthusiasm for all things sweet (lemon crescent rolls, mint chocolate brownies, and dark chocolate velvet brownies, to name but a few) and go back to recommending recipes that are going to be practical rather than naughty.

But to be fair, each of those recipes really helped get through the last weeks of winter.  So, ha.

Kiwi and Carrot's Feta and Favorite Veggie Frittata on Sahar's BlogThere is a recipe that I have come across while exploring a great recipe site.  Mother-and-daughter cooking team Kiwi & Carrot recently shared a delicious recipe for a Feta and Favorite Veggie Frittata.  There are a couple of things that make this recipe so recommendable in the context of planning an efficient yet healthy week.

The first is that while making one of these puppies would take you about 45-55 minutes depending on how handy you are with a knife, making two barely takes an extra 10 minutes and three, perhaps 15.  This means that you can easily make a bunch of them instead of just one, and then pop the extra ones in the freezer.  This means that, second, a frittata can last a long time and be takes to work for lunch, or thawed for dinner.  Last, you can fall back on this recipe as a way to use all the veggies that are lingering in your fridge at the end of the weekend–which also means coming up with a new variation each and every time.

And the best part?  It’s easy to make.  Just check out the recipe here.

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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