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Planning the Week – Recipe Recommendation: Mint Chocolate Brownies

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Happy Sunday!  This blogger uses Sundays to plan and prepare for the upcoming week.  I have been asked so many times about the resources that help me plan a full week that I decided to launch the “Planning the Week” feature with three concomitant components: a recommended book to make your commute easier; a healthy recipe to make your week tastier and healthier; and a planning/planner tip to keep it all running smoothly.


Marsha's Mint Chocolate Brownies on Sahar's BlogI know, I know: my intention was to launch a feature that highlighted healthy recipes that would make your week go by more easily.  But you know what?  These Mint Chocolate Brownies by Marsha are just too good for the soul of one aching for the end of winter not to share.  Really–they are **that** good.  And ultimately, it’s all about portion control and balancing it out with other healthy alternatives…  So just eat one pan a day one piece a day and you’ll be fine.

At least it worked for me 😉

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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