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Blog Review: ‘ADIMAY’ by Aditi Mayer

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Name: Aditi Mayer
Blog Reviewed: ADIMAY
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2016 02 26 Blog Review Adimay on Sahar's BlogTaking a visual trip in places that seem familiar but are given a magical touch is what ADIMAY seems to excel at. Her blog is primarily a photographic one accompanied by some great, short posts.

Guys, her pictures are amazing. Just check out the spread of her latest Instagram pictures below. See what I mean by familiar places made magical? And is that doesn’t convince you, just take a look at her favourite post. Amazing! And the best part? This is only the beginning. She has only been blogging since the summer of 2014. This is definitely an emerging, talented photographer to follow.

The minimalist, black on white blog, using a simple but elegant font, doesn’t have much in terms of navigation. Usually this bugs me, but it well suits Aditi’s blog, and well suits her stated intention: “In a world of quick audio/visual taglines, ADIMAY is a space for careful attention to visual and written content. With a background as a fine art photographer, creator Aditi is keen on creating high quality written and visual content that explores everything from style, travels, social justice, creativity and more.”

And of course no one here is surprised that I love the fact that Aditi has a strong interest in social action, finding brands to collaborate with that have a strong social consciousness. There is a lot to find on ADIMAY, be it a simple, relaxing rest in an otherwise hectic day, or a spark of beautiful inspiration.

You can also find Adimay on Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin, and Tumblr.

Add to your blog reader? Definitely!

Reviews 2016 02 26 Blog Review Adimay on Sahar's Blog

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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