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Blog Review: ‘Blondes & Bagels’ by Kelsey O’Brien

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Name: Kelsey O’Brien
Blog Reviewed: Blondes & Bagels
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2016 03 10 Blog Review Blondes and Bagels on Sahar's BlogPosts from Kelsey’s blog, Blondes and Bagels, have already been featured on Sahar’s Blog weekly feature “Recommended Reads” which is already quite telling of how I feel about this blog. Blogging since last year only, Kelsey has already managed to amass quite a solid amount of content for new readers to sift through and old readers to refer back to. Kelsey explains how her blog “is a San Francisco based lifestyle blog chronicling a life of food, fashion, beauty, and travel – all with a sense of humor and a tongue-in-cheek wit.”

And I just LOVE her logo.

The four categories on her top menu—Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, and Travel—make her minimalist, black on white (with gold-like highlights) blog easy to navigate while the hidden right-hand side menu allows interested readers to catch a glimpse into all that Kelsey is involved in as well as her four most popular posts (currently: “A Guide on How to Stay Hydrated”, “Easy Beach Hair Tutorial”, “Little Known Facts about MAC Makeup Artists”, and “5 Leopard Print Shoes You Need Right Now.”

But while her fashion and beauty posts are well written and feature beautiful pictures, it is Kelsey’s Lifestyle posts that have captured my attention. More specifically, those posts that focus on personal development (which happen to also feature some gorgeous shots. The list of the ones that immediately jumped out to me will come as no surprise whatsoever to long-term readers of Sahar’s Blog: “Are Millennials Entitled?” which was a recommended read on this blog; “Why E-Courses are Awesome (And 5 to Try Now)”; “Yoga for Better Sleep”; “Let’s Get Personal: It’s Not About You”; and “How to Start a Side Hustle”. Although some of these posts are a little on the short side, they represent hopefully the beginning of Kelsey’s thoughts on these important questions and issues and I look forward to reading more of her insights on each of them.

You can also find Kelsey on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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