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Blog Review: ‘Ms. Tiger Lilly’ by Alexandra Lambropoulos

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Reviews 2015 10 30 Blog Review Tiger LillyName: Alexandra Lambropoulos
Blog: Ms. Tiger Lilly
Her favourite post:

Since she started blogging in the summer of 2013, Alexandra Lambropoulos has put together a blog that is both lighthearted and filled with content worth a second look. She describes Ms. Tiger Lilly as “a helper, an adventurer and creator by nature and child at heart,” a “lifestyle blog where I share helpful advice, motivational pictures and my passions with the world”.

The blog doesn’t come off though as anything but a fun place where a good friend with a solid head on her shoulders is sharing some of things in her life. From Inspirational Quotes to helpful posts about School, Health, and Work, Alexandra’s blog will eat up quite a lot of your time, as will the DIY section, be it to make a Personal Life Planner or a Chalk Message Board. Some specific posts in the life section that grab my attention include How to Find Work-Life Balance (so many of us can use some of that!), Senior Year Musings (or the Hidden Wisdom of Paper Towns), and Lights, Camera, Action: The Magic of the Silver Screen.

It comes as no surprise though that my favourite section of the blog is the one dedicated to books; thanks to her posts Books: My Back-to-School Favourites and Autumn Reads: Advice, Adventure and a Bookstore, my TBR pile is now even longer. I appreciated the advice Alexandra shares, mostly in the form of musings such as in The Definition of Success: Success, Glamour, and the Tale of a Fisherman and a Businessman and in Get Your Kicks on Route 66: The Ultimate Guide to Road Trips—of course, seeing as how my blog’s tagline is “Midnight Musings of an Overactive Mind”, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise, either.

Ms. Tiger Lilly is a fun blog to follow, as are Alexandra’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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